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Many authorities question this because the French word for a joug is Le Carcan. It is more likely that the word grew from the Latin Jugum, meaning yoke, which is essentially what a joug is.



jougs pl (plural only)

  1. A chained iron collar once used in churches to expose sinners to public scorn
    • 1898, William Baird, Annals of Duddingston and Portobello, page 193-194:
      Fornication and adultery were crimes punishable in case of confession in various ways [...] standing in the jougs at the door of the kirk barefoot and in sackcloth [...]
      Blasphemy, swearing, drunkenness, " flyting and scolding," slander, " the abuse of husbands by their wives," and other suchlike offences were punishable with exposure to public scorn in the " jougs," [...] The " jougs " (from jugum, a yoke) consisted of an iron collar in two halves fastened by a clasp, and suspended by a chain about six feet from the ground, which was generally hung on the wall at the entrance gate of the Church.




jougs m

  1. plural of joug