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jug +‎ handle



jughandle (plural jughandles)

  1. The handle of a jug.
    • 1950, California Folklore Society, Western Folklore
      Informants said that this gulch was so named because the old road made a turn shaped like a jughandle in order to get down into the gulch and across it.
    • 1955, Daniel Talbot, A Treasury of Mountaineering Stories
      ...only the first joints of his fingers would rest on the tiny ledge, pulling on it would weaken his grasp on the jughandle.
  2. (US) A ramp or slip road on the right-hand side of the road, used for making left turns.
    • 2006, Lillian Africano, You Know You're in New Jersey When...
      A jughandle is the Jersey way of making a left turn without creating gridlock...