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julma (comparative julmempi, superlative julmin)

  1. cruel, ferocious


Inflection of julma (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative julma julmat
genitive julman julmien
partitive julmaa julmia
illative julmaan julmiin
singular plural
nominative julma julmat
accusative nom. julma julmat
gen. julman
genitive julman julmien
partitive julmaa julmia
inessive julmassa julmissa
elative julmasta julmista
illative julmaan julmiin
adessive julmalla julmilla
ablative julmalta julmilta
allative julmalle julmille
essive julmana julmina
translative julmaksi julmiksi
instructive julmin
abessive julmatta julmitta
comitative julmine
Possessive forms of julma (type koira)
possessor singular plural
1st person julmani julmamme
2nd person julmasi julmanne
3rd person julmansa
Only used with substantive adjectives, -inen adjectives used for comparisons of equality or agent participles.

Derived terms[edit]