just as well

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just as well (not comparable)

  1. Used to say that an occurrence, or situation, is not only fortunate, but that for the contrary, it could have been a lot worse; or that something that first glance might seem bad, is actually good just because it could have been even much worse or because the alternative case or cases could have been even much worse.
    • 2007, Nov 30, Tomas Alex Tizon, in The LA Times, America's taxi capital: Bethel, Alaska.
      There are 16 female cabdrivers in town, most of them Koreans with limited English skills. Which is just as well, says Alla Tinker, because they don't want to understand much of what their male customers say.
    • 1986, Frank E. Peretti, This Present Darkness, p.31
      Marshall stepped away from the conversation, and it was just as well. It could only have gotten hotter from that point
    • 1989, Mike Resnick, Balance
      Brilliant mind, thought Geller. Absolutely brilliant. It's probably just as well. Imagine a countenance like that without a mind to offset it.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This expression is usually used with be. It's just as well. It was just as well.