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Persian کشیده (kašida, kašide)


kashida (countable and uncountable, plural kashidas)

  1. (uncountable) A type of justification used in some cursive scripts, particularly (Perso)-Arabic, where characters are elongated rather than separated by spaces.
    • 2008, Thomas Powell, CSS and XHTML: The Complete Reference
      Kashida is a typographic effect used with Arabic writing systems to elongate characters...
  2. (countable) A character representing this elongation.
    • 1994, Apple Computer, Inc, Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX typography
      Note that "stretching" in this case can mean addition of white space, addition of connecting glyphs, such as kashidas...
    • 2002, John Ayres, The tomes of Delphi: Win32 Shell API, Windows 2000 edition
      However, there is no option for determining whether or not the Arabic Kashidas will be ignored; they will always be ignored in Arabic character sets.



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