kill it with fire

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Presumably a reference to the trope of using fire to kill a monster in horror, science fiction, and fantasy, with a notable example being the 1982 film The Thing.


kill it with fire

  1. (Internet slang) Used to express fear, disgust, or strong objection in reaction to something.
    • 2005, Anna Clare, Make You a Man, Black Lace (2005), →ISBN, page 14:
      'Look at this! IS GAY THE NEW STRAIGHT? Jesus – she's like a one woman crap factory. Kill it! Kill it with fire!'
    • 2013, Joris Peels, "AMF is no longer only for bowling", TCT Magazine, July 2013, page 15:
      But we need to give STL [file format] a headshot. We should kill it. Kill it with fire. Whatever switching costs you may have they will pay for themselves in money saved in storage.
    • 2020, Patrick Ullmer, "The Stack-Up: 'The Hunter'", The Spectrum (North Dakota State University), 16 January 2020, page 7:
      For me, the victor is the film adaption, which is a masterpiece of one man's conversion. As for the book? Kill it with fire.
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