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Afrotis afraoides


Borrowed from Afrikaans korhaan.


korhaan (plural korhaans or korhaan)

  1. Any of several large, terrestrial birds in the bustard family Otididae.
    • 1997, J. M. Coetzee, Scenes from Provincial Life, 2011, page 75,
      They are hunting the fabled paauw. However, since paauw are sighted only once or twice a year - so rare are they, indeed, that there is a fine of fifty pounds for shooting them, if you are caught — they settle for hunting korhaan.
    • 1999, C. J. Vernon, 5: Biogeography, endemism and diversity of animals in the karoo, William Richard John Dean, Suzanne Milton (editors), The Karoo: Ecological Patterns and Processes, page 70,
      If it is assumed that delayed dispersal is the norm amongst korhaans then the karoo korhaan has a lower fecundity than the other members of the species complex. This suggests that the karoo sensu lato is a less favourable environment for korhaans than is either the desert, savannah, or grassland.
    • 2011, Mike Unwin, photograh caption, Southern African Wildlife, page 140,
      Korhaans, like this red-crested korhaan (above, MU), generally rely on their camouflage to avoid danger. But breeding males, like this northern black korhaan (right, PP) give themselves away with raucous and conspicuous displays.


Derived terms[edit]




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Particularly: “from Dutch korhaan?”


korhaan (plural korhane)

  1. korhaan, any of several large terrestrial birds in the bustard family Otididae



Compound of korren +‎ haan.


  • IPA(key): /ˈkɔr.ɦaːn/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: kor‧haan


korhaan m (plural korhanen)

  1. black cock, male black grouse.

Coordinate terms[edit]