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From kosmoss ‎(cosmos, (outer) space) +‎ -isks. Probably not derived as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from another European language.


kosmisks (def. kosmiskais, comp. kosmiskāks, sup. viskosmiskākais; adv. kosmiski)

  1. cosmic, spatial (relating to the cosmos, to outer space)
    kosmiskais starojumscosmic radiation
    kosmiskie staricosmic rays
    kosmisks (lid)aparāts, kuģisspacecraft
    kosmiskā telpacosmic space, outer space
    kosmiskā tehnikaspace technology
    kosmiskie putekļicosmic dust, stardust
    kosmiskā medicīnaaerospace medicine
    kosmiskā raķetespace rocket
    kosmiskā stracijaspace station
  2. (figuratively, colloquial) very large, very fast, very intense
    kosmiskos tempos — at cosmic (= very high) speed, rhythm
    kosmiski labs videocosmically (= very) good video


Derived terms[edit]