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Of Ancient Greek origin.


koumpounophobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear of buttons (clothing fasteners).
    • 2011, Josh Loeb, "Button Maker Maureen Rose plans to celebrate Charles Dickens's bicentenary with unique design", West End Extra, 2 December 2011:
      Mrs Rose said that from time to time psychiatrists had asked her whether their clients suffering from koumpounophobia, or fear of buttons, could visit the shop in Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia.
    • 2012, Diana R. Boggia, Parenting with a Purpose: Inspiring, Positive Alternatives to Reach and Teach Your Child How to Behave, iUniverse (2012), ISBN 9781475915426, page 79:
      Years ago, I worked with the parents of a three-year-old with koumpounophobia, a fear of buttons. She violently refused to wear anything with buttons and screamed if her mom approached with buttons on her shirt.
    • 2012, Leon Watson, "Unusual phobia of mother, 30, who is paralysed by fear when she sees… BUTTONS, Daily Mail, 8 March 2012:
      Meet mother-of-one Louisa Francis, whose bizarre phobia means she is terrified of buttons.
      The 30-year-old panics if faced with one, and is forced to flee if they are placed too near to her.
      To most people they are harmless but for Louisa they are a source of fear - because she has koumpounophobia.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:koumpounophobia.