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lack +‎ lustre


lacklustre (comparative more lacklustre, superlative most lacklustre)

  1. (Commonwealth spelling) Alternative spelling of lackluster
    • 2016 January 23, Phil Dakwes, “Man Utd 0–1 Southampton”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1], BBC Sport:
      Substitute Charlie Austin scored seven minutes into his Southampton debut as a lacklustre Manchester United were booed off at Old Trafford.


lacklustre (countable and uncountable, plural lacklustres)

  1. (Commonwealth spelling) Alternative spelling of lackluster
    • 1990, The Nigerian Economist (volume 4, page lxxii)
      Secondly, the fear of offending the military has reduced the campaigns to mere lacklustres. Promises are reeled off with so much obvious lack of passion that it is quite possible the party bosses themselves hardly believe what they say []