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Alternative forms[edit]



  1. possessive case of lady: belonging to some or all ladies.
  2. (informal and euphemistic) Clipping of ladies' room: a lavatory intended for use by women.
    • 1968, John Fowles, The Magus, p. 568:
      Kemp left me to go to the ladies'. I pulled out a paperback I had in my pocket.
    • 1996, Deirdre Purcell, Roses After Rain, p. 335:
      "...Where's the ladies' in this joint? I've to powder me nose."
    • 2004, David Nobbs, Sex and Other Changes, p. 95:
      "I'm dressed as a woman, but I am still technically a man. I believe that to comply with the law of the land I ought to continue to use the Gents', but in order not to look out place I intend to use the Ladies' from now on. I trust none of you will grass on me..."
    • 2014, Trevor Dalton, Rhyme for Reason, p. 102:
      When he was quite satisfied with his handiwork, The Poet opened the toilet window, and then walked quickly from the gents' into the ladies'.
  3. (informal) Short for ladies' department: a section of a department store where clothing is sold for adult females.

Usage notes[edit]

In reference to lavatories, now much more common in British English without the apostrophe: ladies.


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