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landing gear (countable and uncountable, plural landing gears)

  1. (uncountable, countable, aviation) The wheels, tyres, brakes, shock absorbers etc of an aircraft; its undercarriage.
    Modern landing gear usually has a tricycle configuration.
    • 1954, “Where Do All the Wheels Go on a B-52?”, in American Aviation[1], volume 18, page 42:
      Boeing had a problem of too much landing gear
    • 1968, Astronautics & Aeronautics[2], volume 6, page 4:
      The comparison between the tricycle and tail-skid type of landing gears is a case in point.
  2. (countable, aviation) Any of the assemblies which support an aircraft when it is on the ground.
    Large modern commercial aircraft have a nose landing gear and two main landing gears.
  3. (trucking) The bipod stand found near the front end underneath a truck trailer, used to keep the trailer level when not attached to a tractor truck.

Derived terms[edit]