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From Old Irish lám, from Proto-Celtic *ɸlāmā (compare Welsh llaw), from Proto-Indo-European *pl̥h₂meh₂ (palm, hand) (compare Latin palma, Ancient Greek παλάμη (palámē)). Cognate with Irish lámh.



laue f (genitive singular lauey, plural laueyn)

  1. (anatomy) hand; arm
    Hug ad nyn laueyn ry cheilley er.They shook hands on it.
    Ny cur dty laueyn er!Keep your hands off!
    T'ad gobbragh ass laueyn y cheilley.They are playing into each other's hands.
    Ta mee glenney my laueyn.I am cleaning my hands.
    Ta mooarane argid çheet trooid ny laueyn echey.He handles a lot of money.

Derived terms[edit]