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Alternative forms[edit]


law +‎ breaking


lawbreaking (no attested comparative, superlative most lawbreaking)

  1. unlawful; illegal.
    We have a place for lawbreaking citizens like you.
    • 1994 April 19, “LETTERS TO THE EDITOR”, in San Francisco Chronicle, page A18:
      To make this penalty hang like a Sword of Damocles over every lawbreaking alien apprehended in this country
    • 2006 April 24, “Clergy stakes out key role in debate”, in San Bernardino (CA) Sun:
      Although church leaders argue they're trying to help the most vulnerable in society, some, including parishioners, argue they're helping the most lawbreaking.


lawbreaking (plural lawbreakings)

  1. The commission of a criminal act, the violation or breaking of a law.
    His lawbreaking ended only when he was hanged for it.