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From Ancient Greek λέκτος (léktos, chosen),from λέγειν (légein, to choose) + τύπος (túpos, blow, impression).


lectotype (plural lectotypes)

  1. (taxonomy) A biological specimen or illustration later selected to serve as definitive type example of a species or subspecies when the original author of the name did not designate a holotype.
    • 1905, Merrill, George P., Bulletin of the United States National Museum, Vol. 53, page 12:
      Where the original diagnosis is without illustrations or is accompanied by figues based on two or more specimens, the first subsequent author is at liberty to select from these cotypes a type for the old species, adhering, as far as can be ascertained to the intention of the original author. Such a type speciment is to be designated as a lectotype...

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