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lesbo- +‎ -phile


lesbophile (plural lesbophiles)

  1. (rare) A person (typically not a lesbian) with a fondness for lesbians or erotic contact between women.
    • 1999, Girlfriends: The Magazine of Lesbian Enjoyment, Volume 6, page 31:
      In a recent interview with Playboy, Chris Rock clinched our attention, though we've been spying since his appearances on Saturday Night Live and in lesbophile Kevin (Chasing Amy) Smith's Dogma.
    • 1999 July 17, Matthias, “Hotel Alpha 15 - dinos15.txt [1/1]”, in alt.sex.stories.gay, Usenet[1]:
      Sean laughed, "It's bizarre, all those holograms of celebrities."
      "And you can pair them up however you want so long as it's not a man and a lady."
      Pulling his shirt off, Sean said, "Very most lewdest for lesbophiles."
    • 2002 October 11, David Chapman, “Thoughts on Buffy 7X03 "Same Time, Same Place" - S7 SPOILERS”, in uk.media.tv.buffy-v-slayer, Usenet[2]:
      A note for the lesbophiles among us: that is the only time you're going to see Willow's mouth and Buffy's tit in the same place, so enjoy it.


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