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limb +‎ -y


limby (comparative limbier, superlative limbiest)

  1. Having many limbs, or branches.
    a limby tree


limby (plural limbies)

  1. (slang) An amputee, especially one who has lost a leg.
    • 1968, George Bremner Abel, Walking Skills for Amputees, page 57:
      All the golfers shown played in the N.Z. Annual "wingies" and "limbies" tournament, total number of competitors, 40.
    • 2013, Sandy Callister, The Face of War: New Zealand's Great War Photography, →ISBN:
      In May 1918, work by New Zealand 'limbies' shown in London at the Allied Conference on After Care of Disabled Soldiers was 'reported to be the best and most practical display in the whole exhibition.
    • 2018, Anna Rogers, With Them Through Hell, →ISBN, page 202:
      Although there were three storeys, the 'limbies' like Hutton occupied the ground floor, 'so that there is no trouble climbing stairs'.