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From limno- +‎ -logy.


limnology (countable and uncountable, plural limnologies)

  1. (ecology) The science concerning the biological, physical and geological properties of fresh water bodies, especially lakes and ponds.
    • 1999, Michael T. Arts, Bruce C. Wainmann (editors), Foreword, Lipids in Freshwater Ecosystems, page v,
      Although limnology is a young discipline, it has, over the past century, experienced marked growth. Its early descriptive period was a long one, given the enormous diversity of biota and environments in freshwater ecosystems.
    • 2000, Robert G. Wetzel, Gene E. Likens, Preface to the Third Edition, Limnological Analyses, page vii,
      The exercises in this book were set forth initially because of our frustrations in teaching such a complex, multifaceted discipline as limnology.
    • 2011, Bo-Ping Han, Zhengwen Liu (editors), Preface, Tropical and Sub-Tropical Reservoir Limnology in China: Theory and Practice, page v,
      Reservoir limnology and water quality management are associated with functions such as flood control, hydropower generation, irrigation, and fishery.


  • (scientific study of bodies of fresh water): freshwater science

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