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From Middle French linéament, from Latin lineamentum, from linea (line).



lineament ‎(plural lineaments)

  1. Any distinctive shape or line, etc.
    • 1967, United States Geological Survey, Geological Survey Research 1967: Chapter A [Geological Survey Professional Paper; 575-A][1], Washington, D.C.: United States Government Publishing Office, OCLC 5975816, page A145:
      East-trending lineaments, some as long as 400 miles, are clearly discernible on the aeromagnetic maps. These lineaments may be associated with large fractures in the earth's crust.
    • 1988, A[rnold] I[van] Johnson & C. B[ernt] Pettersson, editor, Geotechnical Applications of Remote Sensing and Remote Data Transmission: A Symposium Sponsored by ASTM Committee D-18 on Soil and Rock, Cocoa Beach, FL, 31 Jan. – 1 Feb. 1986 [Special Technical Publication; 967], Philadelphia, Pa.: American Society for Testing and Materials, ISBN 978-0-8031-0969-8, page 22:
      The presence of lineaments is significant in site evaluation for waste disposal, because some lineaments may be faults or fracture zones with the potential to be ground-water conductors.
  2. A distinctive feature that characterizes something, especially the parts of the face of an individual.
    • 1927, John Crowe Ransom, Dead Boy:
      A pig with a pasty face, so I had said,
      Squealing for cookies, kinned by poor pretense
      With a noble house. But the little man quite dead,
      I see the forbears' antique lineaments.