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list price ‎(plural list prices)

  1. (business) The retail selling price of an item, as recommended by the manufacturer or retail distributor, or as listed in a catalog.
    • 1870, Charles Reade, Put Yourself in His Place, ch. 5:
      A respectable workman was with me yesterday, and objected that you receive from Mr. Cheetham a higher payment than the list price.
    • 1966 April 29, "Autos: How to Pay Less for a New Car," Time:
      Paying the manufacturer's list price shown on the window sticker of a new car may be about as smart as snapping up an itinerant rug merchant's opening offer.
    • 2009 Oct. 20, Motoko Rich, "In Book-Pricing Battle, How Low Can They Go?," New York Times (retrieved 23 Oct 2011):
      Publishers typically sell hardcover books to retailers at half the list price, while retailers set consumer prices.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Usage of the term list price with reference to a particular product may indicate that it is not unusual for the actual selling price to be lower.

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