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Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


Etymology 1[edit]

From Old Norse ljós.

Alternative forms[edit]

  • lys (also Norwegian Bokmål)


ljos n (definite singular ljoset, indefinite plural ljos, definite plural ljosa)

  1. light
    Ljoset fer med ein fart på nesten 300 000 kilometer i sekundet.
    Light travels at a velocity of almost 300,000 kilometres per second.
  2. a bright or skilled person
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From Old Norse ljóss.

Alternative forms[edit]

  • lys (also Norwegian Bokmål)


ljos (masculine and feminine ljos, neuter ljost, definite singular and plural ljose, comparative ljosare, indefinite superlative ljosast, definite superlative ljosaste)

  1. bright
    Det er vorte ljost nok ute no.
    It's gotten bright enough outside now.