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Humorously from keynote and lock, as though the key in keynote were the kind that opens a door.


locknote (plural locknotes)

  1. The last presentation in an academic or business conference with a broad thematic overview. Typically, the best-known speakers or scholars at a conference give keynote and locknote addresses.
    • 1985. EDN,Electric Engineering, Rogers Pub. Co., 1985, page 211[1]
      ...the Software Summit, the Resellers Roundtable, and the "locknote" (wrap-up)...
    • 2007. The Alternative Sustainable Renewable Energy Summit 2007, April 23 & 24, 2007, Croke Park Convention Centre, Dublin [2]
      4:15 Locknote Address Spatial Planning and Renewable Energy Plans.
    • 2009. Microsoft Parner Connection Seminar Agenda, New Zealand [3]
      Locknote Address - Therese Walsh (NZRFU)

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