long pork

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Reportedly coined because cannibals attest that human meat tastes like pork.


long pork (uncountable)

  1. (idiomatic, euphemistic) Human flesh.
    • 1896-1897, Atalanta, volume 10, page 11:
      [] the doctor still seemed to share the sort of creepiness I felt at the sight of a live nigger who had actually eaten long pork.
    • 1929, Oscar Asche, his life, page 50:
      Cannibals do not eat "long pork" because they are short of animal food but in order to possess the courage of those they devour. For example, a man like Peter Jackson or John L. Sullivan would have been greatly in demand.
    • 1942, Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart, Return to Malaya, page 369:
      They still play chess, but they no longer eat "long pork".
    • 2005, Jim Christy, The redemption of Anna Dupree, page 145:
      From the back of the bar, from the man with the huge pot belly, came a sound like a cannibal might make if he was choking on long pork, "Ga gobba. Ga gobba."