long sweetening

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long sweetening (uncountable)

  1. (Southern US, Midland US) A viscous, syrupy sweetener, generally molasses, but sometimes table syrup.
    • 1959, Leonard W. Roberts, “Jim Couch, His Family Story”, in Up Cutshin & down Greasy: folkways of a Kentucky mountain family, page 8:
      Made our molasses into long sweetening and tapped the sugartrees for short sweetening.
    • 1974 John Quincy Wolf, Life in the Leatherwoods
      Mr. Hurst made the best of the situation and drank his molasses-sweetened coffee with seeming relish, as though he had been raised on long sweetening.
    • 1989: Lee Smith, Fair and Tender Ladies
      Reach me some of that long sweetening, honey, she'd say at the breakfast table.

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