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The term was popularized by the book Sarah, a fictional account of the life of a truck stop prostitute.


lot lizard (plural lot lizards) (idiomatic, slang)

  1. A prostitute at a truck stop.
  2. (derogatory) A low or stupid person.
  3. A customer or salesperson at a used car lot.


  • 1986 — University of Kansas City Review, v. 53
    Maybe he's doin' a run to Shakey Town where some lot lizard checks his dip stick.
  • 1994 — Susan Baur, "Confiding"
    And Larry across from them — fuckin' dumbo, that guy, a regular lot lizard
  • 1999 — James Morgan, The distance to the moon
    A lot lizard was somebody who walked the sales lot and looked at every car and still didn't buy.
  • 2000Green Day. Misery
    Virginia was a lot lizard from FLA/She had a compound fracture in the trunk.
  • 2001JT LeRoy (Laura Albert), Sarah
    … the most famous "lot lizard", or truck stop whore, in the business.
  • 2001 — Remar Sutton, "Don't get taken every time" (Cited in The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, 2006)
    Floor Whores, a.k.a. "Lot Lizards" … Salespeople who have survived by learning to pounce on the first person who walks in cold, without making an appointment