love box

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love box (plural love boxes)

  1. (slang) The vagina or vulva.
    • 2008, Henry Willingham, One for the Fellas[1], ISBN 978-1-4343-7530-8, page 4:
      She caressed her own breast and pleasured her moist love box while she waited.
    • 2009, Meg Philip, Love By Text[2], ISBN 978-1-4389-3488-4, page 283:
      She lowered herself on to her knees until her love box was over his face.
    • 2011, Ashley Coleman and JaQuavis Coleman, Murderville[3], ISBN 978-1-936-39900-0, page 70:
      “I want to feel you, Papi,” she whined as her hand made its way down to her neatly shaved love box, which was soaking wet.


See Wikisaurus:vagina and Wikisaurus:vulva.