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love juice (countable and uncountable, plural love juices)

  1. A love potion.
    • 2013, Martin S. Bergmann, The Unconscious in Shakespeare's Plays (page 50)
      It is interesting to compare Oberon's love juice with the love potion that Tristan and Isolde drink []
  2. (slang) semen
    • 1972, Rafik, Amal N, The Passion Masters
      His seed poured slowly into me, and I wanted all he could give. My thirsty body drank his love juice as the desert flower drinks the slight morning dew. In an instant he was gone.
    • 1880, The Pearl Volume 11
      A very few thrusts brought down my love juice again, and I also felt him shoot a tremendously warm flood of his essence into my longing cunt. Our lips were joined in fierce loving, tongue-sucking kisses, whilst I threw my legs over his buttocks, and heaved up my bottom to meet his manly action with the most libidinous abandon.
  3. (slang) female ejaculate
    • 1922, Frank Harris, My Life and Loves Chapter X
      The next moment I began caressing her red clitoris with my hot, stiff organ: Lorna sighed deeply once or twice and her eyes turned up; slowly I pushed my prick in to the full and drew it out again to the lips, then in again and I felt her warm love-juice gush as she drew up her knees even higher to let me further in []