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From lumber(jack) +‎ -sexual, modelled after metrosexual.


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lumbersexual (plural lumbersexuals)

  1. (slang, sometimes used attributively) A male hipster who affects a rugged, outdoorsy look, typified by plaid shirts and a full beard.
    • 2014, Aaron Swaney, "It's November: Put the razor down", The Daily Herald (Everett, Washington), 9 November 2014, page D1:
      From the rise of the lumbersexual, outdoorsmen's answer to the metrosexual, to the use of beards to sell anything from clothing to beer, beards are cool once again.
    • 2015, Harriet Walker, "Bristling with style: the hairy upper lip", The Times (UK), 10 January 2010:
      Trend-hunters announced last year that we had reached “peak beard”, saturation point with the sort of facial hair that has become the calling card of the urban hipster or “lumbersexual”.
    • 2015, Christopher Solomon, "Our Pampered Wilderness", The New York Times, 23 May 2015:
      My beef isn’t with glamping, despite its issues (unfortunate portmanteau, the image of lumbersexuals playing Ralph Lauren at summer camp). But keep it out of our parks.
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