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lung +‎ wort

  • Having an appearance reminiscent of lungs
  • Having been used as a treatment for respiratory ailments


lungwort (plural lungworts)

  1. Any of various European plants, of the genus Pulmonaria (family Boraginaceae), that were once used to treat respiratory disorders.
  2. Any of several other, unrelated plants, used to treat respiratory disorders
    1. Hieracium murorum (in family Asteraceae, French lungwort or golden lungwort)
    2. Helleborus niger (family Ranunculaceae, black lungwort)
    3. Mertensia (family Boraginaceae)
      1. Mertensia virginica (American lungwort, lungwort oysterleaf, smooth lungwort, tree lungwort)
      2. Mertensia maritima (sea lungwort)
    4. Verbascum thapsus (in family Scrophulariaceae, bullock's lungwort, cow's lungwort or clown's lungwort)
    5. Lobaria pulmonaria, syn. Stichta pulmonacea, (in family Lobariaceae, lungwort lichen, lung lichen, tree lungwort)

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  • doctrine of signatures (Paracelsus); (lungwort being a treatment for lung ailments, and having the appearance like lungs)