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From macro- +‎ amylase.


macroamylase (plural macroamylases)

  1. (biochemistry) A high-molecular weight form (that is, a macroenzyme form) of amylase that is bound as a complex to a globulin and is therefore not excreted in the urine.
    • 2003, “[Simultaneous presence of macroamylase and macrolipase in a patient with celiac disease]”, in Rinsho Byori [Japanese Journal of Clinical Pathology], volume 51, number 10, PMID 14653196, pages 974-977:
      [To our knowledge, the simultaneous presence of macroamylase and macrolipase in the same patient has been previously reported in only four cases. Interestingly, two of those patients had celiac disease. If macroamylase and macrolipase are present, the possibility of celiac disease should be considered.]