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From Latin magister +‎ -cide.


magistricide (plural magistricides)

  1. (rare) The killing of one's master or teacher.
    • 1991, Tamkang Review, Volumes 22-23, page 128:
      I believe this approach is especially appropriate for many of our students in Hong Kong and, perhaps, in Taiwan as well, to offset their subservient attitude to the authority of their teachers or the printed word of commentators. In fact, I find myself recommending that students consider perpetrating a kind of metaphorical magistricide to offset the licensed manipulation of the minds which goes under the name of much conventional education.
    • 1998, Jerry R. Craddock, Peter F. Dembowski, Samuel G. Armistead, Edward F. Tuttle, & Barbara De Marco, "Yakov Malkiel, 1914-1998", Romance Philology, 22 September 1998:
      It was nonetheless precisely over a book review that YM and I came to a parting of the ways. I presumed to criticize in print a work of his, an action which he labeled, in a characteristically pedantic term, as "magistricide."
      In all the time I knew YM, both before and after my "magistricide," I never once saw him at a typewriter.
  2. (rare) A person who kills their master or teacher.
    • 1831, Thomas Roscoe, The Tourist in Italy, Robert Jennings and William Chaplin (1831), page 219:
      "4. In another room below I saw the statue of Seneca bleeding to death. It is of a black stone like jet; than which nothing can be blacker but the crimes of Nero the magistricide, who put this rare man his master to death. []