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Old Dutch[edit]


from mahal marriage bond, wedding act



  1. to marry
    • Thaz niwarth alliz niet sines unthankes, nouen nah sinemo willan, wanda hiz geskiede an sinemo maheldaga, tho her himo seluemo mahelda mit themo withemo sines heiligan bluodes thie ęcclesiam non habentem maculam neque rugam.
      That happened not all of it unvoluntarily, but according his will, for it happened on his wedding day, when he married the dowage of his holy blood, (with) the church that had no spot nor wrinkle.
      c. 1100, Willeram van Ebersberg, (Expositio) Willerammi Eberspergensis Abbatis in Canticis Canticorvm, Egmond, Holland


This verb needs an inflection-table template.

third-person singular preterite: mahelda

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  • mahalon”, in Oudnederlands Woordenboek, 2012