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Os maios
Os maios


From Old Galician and Old Portuguese mayo, from Latin Māius.



maio m (plural maios)

  1. May
    Maio me molla, maio me enxuga, con raza de sol e raza de chuvia (traditional song)
    May soaks me, May makes me dry, with rays of sun and gusts of rain
  2. (in the plural) traditional celebration held the first day of May
  3. vegetable construction made for this celebration
  4. person that during the aforementioned feast covers his or her clothes with flowers and twigs
  5. traditional song sing during the celebrations held the first day of May

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Portuguese mayo, from Latin Māius.


  • (Portugal, Brazil) IPA(key): /ˈmaj.u/
  • Hyphenation: mai‧o
  • Rhymes: -aju
  • (file)


maio m (plural maios)

  1. May

Usage notes[edit]

The names of the months used to be capitalized in European Portuguese until the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990; currently, both European and Brazilian standards prescribe against the capitalization.


  • Guinea-Bissau Creole: mai
  • Kabuverdianu: mai, maiu
  • Tetum: maiu

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