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From make +‎ -dom.


makedom (uncountable)

  1. Form; figure; shape; similitude; constitution.
    • 1808, Henry William Weber, The battle of Floddon field:
      [] there were two of his guard, the one called Alexander Macculloch, and the other the Squire of Cleisch, which were men of makedom both like the king; []
    • 1915, United States Military Academy, The Howitzer:
      He has held a life membership among the wearers of decorated sleeves, though he has shifted around considerably among the various strata of makedom.
    • 1978, Alan L. Mintz, George Eliot & the novel of vocation:
      The prospect of vocational achievement can lure the aspirant on with the same endowment of "makedom and fairness" as any woman's.

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