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Etymology 1[edit]

male +‎ -dom


maledom (uncountable)

  1. Men considered as a group; mankind.
    • 1995, Brian Sutton-Smith, Anthony D. Pellegrini, The future of play theory (page 287)
      There is a gender connotation here also, with the second power rhetoric clearly identified with maledom...
Coordinate terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

male +‎ dom


maledom (plural maledoms)

  1. (chiefly Internet, BDSM, informal) A male dominator in sadomasochistic sexual practices.
    • 1997, "Anthony & Joy Hilbert", Attention Joy gets (was: Woofie on Trust) (on newsgroup alt.personals.bondage)
      And these things are better coming from a femsub like her because you so often dismiss criticism from maledoms as proof that they can't take competition.
Related terms[edit]