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From many +‎ kind +‎ -ed.


many-kinded (not comparable)

  1. Consisting of many kinds; sundry
    • 1860, Frederick William Faber, Bethlehem, page 307:
      What are the kingdoms of matter to the kingdom of men, and what the kingdom of men to the gorgeous empire of the many-kinded angels?
    • 1899, James A. Fitz Simon, ‎Vincent Alphonso Fitz Simon, The Gods of Old: And the Story that They Tell, page 402:
      But many-kinded as they were, and numerous as they were, and whether they ploughed the sea or drummed the land for a living, a day came for each when Life grew surfeited with affluence, irritated with the connection, and disturbed in spirit.
    • 1918, Sarkis M. Ohanesian, Life's Demand in Twentieth Century, page 481:
      Lovers of fashion sometimes put on odd ornaments, fancy buttons on dresses, extremely large ear-rings, many-kinded necklaces, ridiculous head- ornaments chiefly made of false diamonds — similar to the ornaments of the fair sex of the Indians here of the Kurds in Asia.
    • 1946, John Masefield, Poems, page 347:
      Now through the grinning death's-head in the paint,
      Within the tavern-song, hid in the wine,
      In many-kinded man, emperor and saint,
      I see you pass, you breath of the divine.
    • 2011, L.S. Heatherly, The Last Human Spring, page 86:
      The seeds of alienism, of unnatural, unauthentic elements/phenomema, multiplied and many-kinded, have been sewn and grown tall during the epochs of alienism.