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From French mazarinade, from Jules Mazarin, the chief minister and a popular target of such pamphlets.


mazarinade (plural mazarinades)

  1. (historical) A scurrilous anti-governmental pamphlet published in mid-seventeenth-century France.
    • 1998, Lydia G Cochrane, translating Alain Boureau, The Lord's First Night, Chicago 1998, p. 98:
      More important for our purposes, the mazarinade confirms the tenacious image of the captal as an uncivilized tyrant whose visible presence at the heart of the city in Puy-Paulin was an offense to the city's dignity.
    • 2002, Colin Jones, The Great Nation, Penguin 2003, pp. 11-12:
      In one of the most infamous of the scurrilous anti-governmental pamphlets known an mazarinades which appeared at this time, the Contrat de mariage, the constitution was figured not as a marriage between king and nation but as a union between Parlement and the people of Paris []
    • 2002, Todd P. Olson, Poussin and France, p. 83:
      One mazarinade argued incessantly that Mazarin had interfered with France's economy.



From Mazarin +‎ -ade.



mazarinade f (plural mazarinades)

  1. (historical) mazarinade

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