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Blend of mechanics +‎ electronics


mechatronics (uncountable)

  1. The synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and software engineering for the study of automata from an engineering perspective and the control of advanced hybrid systems.
    • 1989, Makoto Kajitani, A Concept of Mechatronics
      Advanced technology to create energy-saving, resorce-saving and highly intelligent systems by integrating mechanics, electronics and software is called mechatronics.
    • 2012, Alex A. Kecskes, The Rise of the Mechatronics Engineer
      So what's this new hybrid called a Mechatronics Engineer? Simply stated, these pros apply mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering theory and techniques to create automated, intelligent products, smart devices, and industrial control systems--systems that can then be "taught" to improve their performance. This is where many future engineering jobs are headed.


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