memorandum of understanding

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memorandum of understanding (plural memoranda of understanding or memorandums of understanding)

  1. (law) A document that outlines the legal and factual premises believed by the parties to have been agreed to between them.
    • 1925, Report of the National Conference on Utilization of Forest Products, p. 7:
      Immediately after the passage of the act a general memorandum of understanding was prepared and submitted to the States.
    • 2012, Dinah Shelton, International Law and Domestic Legal Systems, p. 624:
      On the question of whether a memorandum of understanding is legally binding, British courts have held that this is determined by the presence (or, as the case may be, absence) of an intention to create a legal obligation, on the part of the states parties concerned, at the time of entry into the arrangement.


  • MoU (abbreviation)
  • MOU (initialism)