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From the genus name.


metasequoia (plural metasequoias)

  1. Metasequioa, the dawn redwood, a fast-growing deciduous conifer native to China.
    • 2008 January 24, Anne Raver, “What the Nurseries Like for Spring”, in New York Times[1]:
      Instead of fantasy landscapes forced into bloom, a trade show has the energy of an international marketplace, where growers discuss the fine points of their new favorites —— plants like Citronelle, a lime-green heuchera that can stand up to heat and humidity; or new hibiscuses like Plum Crazy and Copper King, which tolerate dry soil and are hardy to 30 below zero; or the rarest of plants, like a bonsai metasequoia, also known as dawn redwood, which grows only three inches a year, making it perfect for a pot on your patio.