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Alternative forms[edit]


First attested hyphenated in 1977 and first attested unhyphenated in 1994; formed as meta- +‎ template.



metatemplate (plural metatemplates)

  1. A template which forms the basis for other templates.
    • 1977, 5th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence – 1977 IJCAI-77 (International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence; →ISBN, 9780865760578), page 210
      To index the knowledge base PAR employs meta-templates and super-sets in a corresponding manner.
    • 1994, Dan Sperber, “The modularity of thought and the epidemiology of representations” in Mapping the Mind: Domain Specificity in Cognition and Culture (Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, eds. Lawrence A. Hirschfeld and Susan A. Gelman, page 48
      The template–copy relationship might sometimes involve more levels. A general living-kind-categorization metatemplate could project, not directly concepts, but other, more specific templates for different domains of living kinds.

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