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From middle +‎ -some.


middlesome (comparative more middlesome, superlative most middlesome)

  1. (rare) Characterised or marked by moderation; tending toward the middle; intermediate; middling; average
    • 1711, The Country-Survey-Book:
      The Necessity of having one to assist him in measuring his Lines with the Chain, as oft as he would practise his Skill, or get more; and the exposing of his Unreadiness to the View of middlesome People, while he is yet raw and unexperienc'd, as every one must needs be at first: Both which may in a good measure be avoided by this easy Knack.
    • 2000, R. D. Sharma, Administrative systems of developing societies:
      Frequent and middlesome interference by the politician with details of day-today administration will not only hamper smooth working of government but also shake the morale of the Civil Servants. A.D. Gorwala in his Report on Public Administration in India refers to the following instance.
    • 2006, Richard Rampello, Acts of Novelty Are Unburdened Truths:
      Meddlesome and / I'll say middlesome; all right middling / people / You / and me / Dost You Care?
    • 2016, Bravely Second: End Layer - Strategy Guide:
      Angelo has high HP, but middlesome defences, so it won't be too long before he gets his just desserts.


middlesome (comparative more middlesome, superlative most middlesome)

  1. (rare) In a middlesome manner; moderately
    • 2015, Nikolay Leskov, The Steel Flea:
      '[...] Don't drink too little and don't drink too much – drink middlesome.'