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mis- +‎ contact


miscontact (countable and uncountable, plural miscontacts)

  1. Failure to make a proper contact.
    • 1984, K. M. Nair, Processing for Improved Productivity, page 112:
      The progress of a production run can be reported by providing a count of pass / fail units and channel fails due to miscontacts ( see Fig. 7, bin count report).
    • 1997, Malik, Electrical Insulation in Power Systems, page 45:
      Bad contacts between metallic parts can be caused by corrosion, dust or dry pollution. Other factors causing miscontact are vibrations due to wind, insufficient mechanical loading and the changes in dimensions due to temperature variations.
    • 2014, G. Diana, Diagnostics of Rotating Machines in Power Plants, page 34:
      For the No. 7 bearing, low frequency components in the vicinity of 5Hz are distinctive showing the characteristic of miscontact of vibration transducer shoes.
  2. Contact that is inappropriate, mistaken, or destructive.
    • 1935, Father Divine, The Spoken Word - Volume 2, Issues 1-23, page 13:
      It is a matter of impossibility for one to lose by being true and faithful, by being meek and lowly, true and Holy through concentration, but it IS possible for you to lose by a little misconduct, or miscontact, or misconception, or by an inharmonious recognition, or by an inharmonious attitude toward []
    • 1992, The Gestalt journal - Volumes 15-16, page 64:
      When I snuff myself, I snuff my environment. And those I come into miscontact with are affected, and infected. I am communicable, contagious, catching.
    • 2016, Churnjeet Mahn, British Women's Travel to Greece, 1840-1914, page 121:
      Laced with humour, Armstrong's experience of Greece is conditioned by a series of miscontacts and attempts to adopt a miscellanea of postures, none of which is achieved successfully.


miscontact (third-person singular simple present miscontacts, present participle miscontacting, simple past and past participle miscontacted)

  1. To form a miscontact.
    • 1983, EDN. - Volume 28, page 24:
      NF relays wfll not miscontact through one million operations, and you can be 99% sure of it!
    • 1996, Clayton Austin Peimer, Surgery of the Hand and Upper Extremity, page 1508:
      We now advise against dividing the thumb flexor pulley mechanism if the wrist extensors are a strong Grade 4 or 5 power as this results in excessive MPJ flexion, which causes the thumb tip to miscontact the side of the index finger when the patient attempts to grip.
    • 1999, Deutsches Institut für Normung, Environmental meteorology, meteorological measurements, page 113:
      After elimination of errors by miscontacting, a new calibration is necessary.