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Blend of misnomer +‎ nominal, or mis- +‎ nominal.



  1. (very rare) Being a misnomer.
    • 1859, John Henneberry Greene, William Doyle (printer, Cincinnati.), A Catechism of Irish Geography and Topography: Physical, Social, Historical and Biographical, for Schools and Families, page 14:
      .For a similar reason many of the peninsulas are named islands. Is not this feature peculiar to Irish nomenclature? By no means. "Portland Isle" in Dorsetshire (South England) is no island at all: and ''gulf," in the nomenclature of southern Europe, is frequently a misnomer of this description. Every language has little misnominal vagaries []
    • 1918, Problems in Historical Method and Source Analysis in the Antecedents to the Ides of March, 44 B.C.:
      The varied enumeration of these Official titles is either fallacious or misnominal.
    • 1962, United States Customs Court Reports: Cases Adjudged in the United States Customs Court:
      However, since the substance is not derived from a rice plant, the court acknowledged that the use of the word "rice" in connection with it could be considered misnominal.