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From mis- +‎ respect.


misrespect (uncountable)

  1. Lack of respect; improper respect; disrespect.
    • 2000, Christopher Flockton, Eva Kolinsky, Rosalind M. O. Pritchard, The new Germany in the East:
      Violence extends from harassment in the street or at work to various forms of misrespect, such as treating individuals as objects, assault and sexual abuse inside and outside the family, as well as rape, the illegal trade in women, [...]
    • 2003, James Charles Roy, The Fields Of Athenry: A Journey Through Ireland:
      And yet his people report mat the apprehension of your Lordship's discourtesies and misrespect hastened his end, whereof my Lord his son seems very sensible.
    • 2010, Sandra Dallas, Prayers for Sale:
      Maybe she didn't like it that I was so forward, but I meant no misrespect.


misrespect (third-person singular simple present misrespects, present participle misrespecting, simple past and past participle misrespected)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To show improper respect to or for; disrespect.
    • 2006, Samuel Fisher Dodson, Berryman's Henry: Living at the Intersection of Need and Art:
      On 29 October 1954, Jill Berryman writes to her son, Never feel anything but free to speak of Allyn as you like to me, never think that I disliked or misrespected him—[...]
    • 2011, Paul Jackson, A Servant's Story:
      Moragan turned to those assembled. “Just so you know, Miss Anne put me in charge, and I love her vera, vera much! If you misrespect me, you are misrespecting her too, and I just will not stand for that!”