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moleskin (plural moleskins)

  1. The fur of a mole
  2. A cotton twill fabric with a heavy velvety nap
  3. (in the plural) clothing made of this fabric
  4. A padded adhesive bandage used to prevent or treat blisters



moleskin (third-person singular simple present moleskins, present participle moleskinning, simple past and past participle moleskinned)

  1. To cover with a moleskin bandage
    • 2011, William deBuys, A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest
      Sadler has already wrapped an ace bandage around a badly sprained wrist (sustained in a fall on a desert trail), tweezered out a few cactus spines, moleskinned some blisters, and doled out all the pastillas de dolor —painkillers...