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Alternative forms[edit]


Probably from molly ((dialect) fussy man who does women's work) + dook (variant of duke (fist)) + -er. [1]


mollydooker (plural mollydookers)

  1. (Britain, Australia, slang) A left-handed person.
    • 2003, Joy Dettman, Henry′s Daughter, page 45:
      ‘G′day,’ Martin says. ‘So who′s who?’ They don′t answer him. Maybe they can′t talk. ‘I reckon you′re Alan, the mollydooker, and you′re Eddy. Am I right?’ They cringe, don′t know what a ‘mollydooker’ is.
    • 2004, John Leonard Spencer, Waving Goodbye To A Thousand Flies, page 90:
      I thought to myself how remarkably young Emma looked to be twice Penny′s age, which would make her 35 years of age, and a Mollydooker, Emma was (left handed).
    • 2005 January 10, Ian Chappell, Inside Cricket, reprinted 2006, A Golden Age, unnumbered page:
      In addition to those duels favouring Australia, Michael Kasprowicz was dynamite against left-handers in 2004 (forty-two per cent of his victims) and England's top three are all mollydukers.
    • 2007, Barry Heard, The View from Connor's Hill: A Memoir, Large print (16 point) edition, page xi:
      There is no doubt he was one of the best shearers I′d ever picked up for when I used to rouseabout. But he was a bloody mollydooker—a left-hander—and it was difficult to pick up his fleece when he finished shearing his sheep.
    • 2009, Bruce Pascoe, Bloke, unnumbered page:
      The fish shed needed drones to do the feeding, kids like Scrubber Higgins – mollydook surfer, fair to average half-forward flanker, Xbox champion, unemployed before becoming an instant aquaculture expert.
    • 2011, Kristina McMorris, Letters From Home, page 278:
      “Is it harder for a pilot, being left-handed?” she asked, as if adding to an existing conversation.
      He glanced down at his left arm, flexed his fingers, now free of plaster. “Been a mollydooker all my life. Reckon I don′t know any different.”



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