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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English left handyd, lyfthonded, equivalent to left +‎ handed.


left-handed (not comparable)

  1. Using one's left hand in preference to, or more skillfully than, one's right.
  2. Intended to be worn on, or used by, the left hand.
  3. Turning or spiraling from right to left; anticlockwise.
  4. Awkward or maladroit.
  5. Insincere or malicious.
  6. (occult, of magic) Performed with the intention of doing harm or in transgression against convention or taboo; following the left-hand path
    • 1936, Rollo Ahmed, The Black Art, London: Long, page 23:
      On the other hand, nearly all magic tends in time to the left-handed path; as being a devious means of attaining desires unobtainable by ordinary methods.
  7. Of a coordinate system: not following the right-hand rule.



left-handed pl (plural only)

  1. Left-handed people, taken as a whole.
    • 1992, Antonio E. Puente, Robert J. McCaffrey, Handbook of Neuropsychological Assessment, →ISBN, page 147:
      Evidence contradicting this principle came from a study of epileptic patients by Penfield and Roberts (1959) who found that dysphasia following surgery on the right hemisphere was not significantly more frequent in the left-handed than in the right-handed.



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