mondo bizarro

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Italian mondo (world) and bizzarro (bizarre), originally from the 1966 film of that name.


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mondo bizarro (uncountable)

  1. The world of the surreal or bizarre.
    • 1980, Washington Post, 19 April 1980, c1/1:
      It was just part of a week in which the news..went further and further into the realm of Mondo Bizarro.
    • 1995, Tom Pilkington, "A Twisted Family Feud", World & I, January 1995:
      Like most of Goyen's fiction, the story is set in mondo bizarro and is an allegory of the kind of pinched, destructive moral code that hovers over East Texans like a poisonous fog.
    • 2001 December 17, Mitch Farmer, “Re: <> Lets see what happens to this:<>”, in, Usenet[1]:
      It's more of a curious interest I have into the workings of those living in Mondo Bizarro.


mondo bizarro (comparative more mondo bizarro, superlative most mondo bizarro)

  1. (slang) Extremely bizarre.
    • 1977, Mollie Katzen, Moosewood Cookbook, Ten Speed Press, published 1977, →ISBN, page 69:
      Mondo bizarro sauce—for your spaghetti.
    • 1990 October 23, “Unknown”, in New York Newsday, New York, NY, page i. 11/1:
      He claims that when Jackson became best friends with ‘Webster’ star Emmanuel Lewis.., they had an innocent, although mondo bizarro relationship.
    • 2000 July 5, “Decisions, decisions”, in Tribune, Electronic edition, Tampa, FL, page 4:
      If you are a fan of mondo-bizarro programs such as ‘Survivor’ and ‘Big Brother’, you have another choice.
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