monstre sacré

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From French monstre sacré.


monstre sacré (plural monstres sacrés)

  1. A striking, unusual public figure; an eccentric celebrity.
    • 1994, Patrick O'Brian, Picasso: A Biography, p. 372:
      Picasso changed, or was changed, from a capital painter, known as such a painter should be known, into a monstre sacré, a holy cow surrounded with an enormous, self-perpetuating, inescapable, and generally irrelevant notoriety.
    • 2002, Jann Parry, The Observer, 27 January:
      Ken Russell's BBC film (with Vivian Pickles) and Kenneth MacMillan's Isadora ballet portrayed her as a grotesque monstre sacre.



monstre sacré m (plural monstres sacrés)

  1. (figuratively) giant
    • 2015, Le Monde, "E3 : « Doom », les limites de la surenchère gore", 15 June:
      Un monstre sacré de l’histoire du jeu vidéo s’apprête à faire son retour, au printemps 2016, et on a presque eu envie d’en savoir plus.
      A giant of video gaming history is about to make its return, in spring 2016, and we're nearly ready to know more about it.